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Surf-Tec Corp. (Advanced Surface Technologies) is a Canadian company based near Calgary, Alberta.

We provide a number of unique products and services along with training on product installation and on scene oversight when required. We specialize in turnkey solutions in a number of areas which include Large Volume Fluid Containment (LVFCS), Water Containment & Monitoring, Flood Fighting & Control ,Remote Emergency Containment Systems (RECS), Explosive Storage and Containment Solutions, Industrial Sandblasting and Painting, Polyurethane Foam Application(Industrial and Residential) and Specialty Coatings. We have a number of strategic partnerships that allow us to provide our customers with a unique line of products and services to suite a variety of needs.

08.jpgSurf-Tec Corp. has developed Large Volume Fluid Containment Systems (1,500m3 to over 100,000m3) for frac applications of fresh water, produced water, or holding flow-back fluids for recycling or disposal. Single and double liner systems are available. We also have custom solution for soil and snow containment and our SMART H2O system and SMART Tank systems provide cloud-based remote real-time water monitoring data and information logging.

Surf-Tec Corp also provides a number of products and services that can be utilized for flood control and flood fighting in addition to explosive storage and containment solutions.  We are the Canadian Distributor for a number of specialty products:

Company Description
Hesco® Bastion USA Wire mesh reinforced, geotex lined flood barriers
The Sandbagger Corp. Sand bag filling machines


Although Surf-Tec Corp is not an engineering firm, we have a geotechnical engineer on staff as well as other individuals that can work with your staff to help plan your response. 

We also have an industrial sandblasting and painting division along with a completely self-contained mobile Polyurethane Foam Application trailer that can come straight to you for your convenience.

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