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A geotextile-lined unit for general use as an earth-filled gabion, the units are suitable for filling with earth, sand, gravel, crushed rock and other granular materials. The units are suitable for a wide range of uses, including the construction of walls and barriers, flood protection, erosion protection, protection against accidental explosions and homeland security applications.

There are three standard sizes of Concertainer units: C-2210, C-3315 and C-4315, as shown below.

Joining pins are supplied to join units together. Plastic ties are supplied to close the geotextile together at the top of unit ends, which prevents fill material from falling between unit joints.

General specifications
Geotextile lined welded wire fabric gabion to ASTM A 974-97.

Welded Mesh, coils and pins
Hesco Concertainer units are manufactured with a Alu-Zinc coated welded wire mesh. The mesh has a spacing of 3" x 3" and a wire gauge of 8.5 American SWG, steel/diameter of 0.155"/3.937mm (nominal).

The geotextile is a heavy-duty, non-woven, permeable, polypropylene fabric, available in either green or sand color.

Detailed specifications
For detailed technical specifications on Concertainer units please contact us.



Height: 2 ft
Width: 2 ft
Length: 10 ft
# of Cells: 5 



Height: 3 ft
Width: 3 ft
Length: 15 ft
# of Cells: 5 



Height: 4 ft
Width: 3 ft
Length: 15 ft
# of Cells: 5 

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