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An unlined Concertainer unit for general use as a welded wire fabric gabion.

There are two standard sizes of 5-cell Rockbox units: RB-2210 and RB-3315, as shown below. Rockbox units are also supplied in 2-cell, 3-cell and 4-cell units.

Joining pins are supplied to join units together. Lids and bases are supplied with all Rockbox units and are pre-fitted to the units at the factory. Coils are also supplied to close lids and bases on site.

General specifications
Welded wire fabric gabion to ASTM A 974-97.

Welded Mesh, coils and pins
Hesco Concertainer units are manufactured with a Alu-Zinc coated welded wire mesh. The mesh has a spacing of 3" x 3" and a wire gauge of 8.5 American SWG, steel/diameter of 0.155"/3.937mm (nominal).

Detailed specifications
For detailed technical specifications on Rockbox units please contact us.



Height: 2 ft
Width: 2 ft
Length: 10 ft
# of Cells: 5 



Height: 3 ft
Width: 3 ft
Length: 15 ft
# of Cells: 5 

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