Advanced Surface Technologies

Large Volume Fluid Containment Systems

Utilizing HESCO® Products


  • Frac fluid staging – holding, storage, heating, and conditioning of “pump down” fluid
    (usually fresh water heated to about 140°F).
  • Frac fluid retrieval –a retrieval basin for frac fluids and petroleum products returning to surface after
    a hydraulic frac, storage for truck tanker disposition.
  • Storage of fresh water reserves for mining and/or large industrial operations.
  • Storage of containment ponds (discharge) from mining and/or large industrial operations.
  • Remote storage tanks for water available for wild land fire fighting (helicopter dip ponds or truck tanker depots).
  • Lined containment barriers around above ground tank storage farms.
  • Aquaculture tanks for land based raising and farming of finned fish and/or shell fish.
  • Deep tank floating raft hydroponics tanks
  • Aquaponics tanks (combined aquaculture and hydroponics)
  • Man made wetlands bio-filters for pollution control and/or sewage disposal

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