HESCO Concertainer Products®

HESCO® Concertainer®

Surf-Tec Corp. is proud to workin partnership with HESCO Bastion Environmental, Inc. (HBEi) to provide a range of unique containment solutions. Using the HESCO Concertainer® system, Surf-Tec is able to offer a simple yet innovative way to create a multi-use, container/barrier system.

What is Concertainer ?

HESCO Concertainer is a unique was of positioning and containing large volumes of earth, sand, gravel or rock.


The Concertainer design provides a cellular structure, using a welded mesh framework and geotextile lining. When joined and filled, the system can be used to create walls of exceptional strength and structural integrity. All products are pre-assembled and delivered packed flat, with joining pins to enable the connection of individual units.

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A constantly growing range of uses

While the original concept of Concertainer was as a flood-defense system, it has been used most extensively in force-protection applications by the United States armed forces - no better testimony to its versatility.

In line with the product range’s growth, the range of uses continues to grow. Floodline, with its adaptability and proven superiority to other flood-defense systems, is being used across the US increasingly during storm seasons. Also, the heightened approach to homeland security has seen increased use of Concertainer units in the protection of both citizens and infrastructure.

Rockface and Rockbox have provided the architectural and civil engineering sectors with the unique cost- and time-savings achieved when using Concertainer products for structural walls. A new part-lined product, the Delta unit, has been added to the range specifically for wetland protection projects


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